Occupy Mile High, Broncos Country


Back in 2009 the Denver Broncos hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football. It’s well known that the Steelers have a rabid fan base that travels well with their team. Fans of the black and yellow are known for paying the price to occupy seats in the stadiums of opposing teams.

Along with the score of that Monday Night game (28-10 Denver lost), nothing made me more sick than seeing the large amount of black and yellow in our stands. It wasn’t enough a playoff game, yet Denver looked a little too much like Pittsburgh on television.

That’s why I’m organizing a movement. Forget ‘Occupy Wall Street’. Broncos Country needs to unite and Occupy Mile High.

If you bleed orange and you bought tickets to Sunday’s game, keep your seats. Don’t sell them to make a buck. That bidder on eBay is likely a Steelers fan.

In fact, if you’re financially able to do so, buy more seats than you need and personally make sure that they get into the hands of Broncos fans who want to attend the game.

“We’ve got unique fans here,” John Fox said today. “I would encourage all of them to keep their seats, so to speak, and not sell any of them to Pittsburgh fans so our stadium remains as active and loud as it’s been, and more blue and orange rather than yellow and gold.”

There you have it. The idea is indirectly supported by Coach. The Broncos want to see you dressed in orange and blue, and screaming as loud as ever. At one time, Denver was arguably the toughest place to play because of the high altitude and because of the fan base. Let’s make use of our weapon (lung power) and bring back that Mile High home-field advantage.

If you are looking for tickets, they can be purchased through Ticketmaster. Beginning Tuesday, you can get them from the Broncos ticket office (if any still remain).

Pass the Occupy Mile High movement along to all of your Broncos-loving friends/family. Let’s play a role in this win!

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