Tim Tebow Making Christmas Bright For Many


The Denver Broncos issued the most media credentials for Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots than in any other regular season game since the stadium opened in 2001. CBS got its best rating for a regular season game in four years (No wonder they fought NBC so hard for it). The hits on this site and presumably any other Broncos site have doubled since Tim Tebow became the starter.

There’s something merry and bright in Denver these days. It’s not just the Holiday season adding an extra jolt in the air. It’s the Denver Broncos, led by the Tim Tebow show.

With all of the attention that the Broncos draw because of their come from behind wins, No. 15 is certainly at the root of all of the media interest.

Tebow’s style of play along with his unique off the field characteristics combine to grab the attention of many worldly sectors from religion to politics to comedy. If you thought his story only resides in the sports world, you’ve been living in the Land of La La.

Saturday Night Live did a skit on Tebow. He can’t comment on it because he claims that he hasn’t seen it yet. The striking thing is and perhaps the reason why Tebow generates so much interest is because of his disinterest in what the public is interested in.

All that matters to Tebow is family, making the world a better place (particularly for children), and football.

“I definitely think about the platform that I’ve been blessed with, but I think about it in a way of how can I make the most out of this platform as far as giving back,” Tebow said.

The Tim Tebow Foundation partnered with Dreams Come True which is the wish-granting organization for the “Wish 15” program. Throughout the season, W15H and Dreams Come True give children who are “seriously, chronically, and terminally ill” the chance to fulfill one of their dreams. For every game this season, Tebow has met with one kid before and after each game to talk, take pictures, and share his NFL game day experience with them. In turn, these kids show Tebow a thing or two about life as well.

This week Tebow has Jacob Rainey coming out to Buffalo to hang with him before and after the game. As a high school Junior, Rainey shattered his knee in a football scrimmage and had to have part of his leg amputated. The quarterback from Virginia was highly sought after by ACC schools before his playing career ended.

“His teammates nicknamed him after me and so to be able to bring that kid and just inspire him,” Tebow said about his goal for Rainey’s visit. “Ultimately that’s taking my platform and using it for something good more so than any SNL skit or any magazine that I’ll care about.”

The opportunity to hang out with Tebow on a game day probably makes Rainey’s Christmas. As for what Tebow wants for Christmas? You can hang a stocking on what he says.

“To use my platform for good, and then to beat the Bills,” Tebow said.

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