Tebow, Fox Talk About Playing The Buffalo Bills


The Buffalo Bills have lost seven in a row heading into Saturday’s game against the Denver Broncos, but that doesn’t mean that the game will be a cake walk for the Broncos.

No game is an easy one in Buffalo. The weather is calling for a 30% chance of snow with high of 37 degrees. Things could be a lot worse in Buffalo.

“I feel great about them,” Tim Tebow said of cold weather games. “I guess I haven’t had to play in too many of them seeing how I played at Florida. We play outside every day here. I know it’s not quite as cold as Buffalo, but I should be okay.”

That cold weather can effect how fast a team starts. It takes muscles a little longer to warm up and get going.

In games prior to week 15, the Broncos had started out very slow offensively. During their six-game win streak, 6 of their 12 first half quarters resulted in 0 points up on the board. They averaged 5.6 points in the first half during that span.

We all saw what happened against the Patriots. The Broncos scored on their first three possessions of the game, but then three costly second quarter turnovers were too much for the team to overcome.

“I think a fast start is definitely important and continuing that fast start if we’re able to get it,” Tebow said. “We’ll want to be balanced, continue to run and throw the ball, be able to mix it up. I think that’s when we’re at our best. I think that will be big because who knows what the weather is going to be like. They’re very passionate fans so as much as we can control that, that will be great.”

The Broncos played the Bills in preseason, and won 24-10. Obviously both rosters have changed dramatically from week two of preseason, but are there some things that the Broncos can use as they prepare for this week?

“There’s some things that verbally people use, but it works both ways,” John Fox said. “They were listening to us too. We’ll take from it what we can and I’m sure they’ll do the same.”

All the Broncos want for Christmas is a win in Buffalo and a clinched playoff spot. Surely, they would (and could) give up their two front teeth for that.

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