Nate Solder Returns To Colorado As A Patriot


We’re all on the Broncos bandwagon, but there’s one guy in particular that a lot of Colorado residents and CU alumni will be cheering for on the opposite side this week.

Nate Solder was born and raised in Colorado and played for the Colorado Buffalos before the New England Patriots drafted him in the first round (17th pick overall) of the 2011 draft.

Now the big guy (6’8″, 319 lbs.) is the starting right tackle for one of the best offenses in the NFL.

“He was a guy that we obviously looked at very closely in the draft process,” John Fox said. “Very athletic, very big. They send him out on routes. He’s capable of that kind of thing.”

Solder has played in all 13 games for the Patriots this season, and he’s started in 10 of them (8 at right tackle and 2 at power tight end). He was backing up Sebastian Vollmer, but Vollmer went down with an injury.

“He’s played very well for a rookie,” Fox said.

The Patriots have given up just 22 sacks all season thanks in large part to their line.

Solder grew up in Buena Visa, CO and rooted the Broncos on growing up.

"“It’s just about the game for me,” he said, later adding that he might have been a Broncos fan growing up but there is no doubt he’s a Patriots fan this week.  – ESPN Boston"

As Solder makes his return to the field, he will hear the extra cheers from friends and family, all of whom have asked Solder for tickets.

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