Broncos Defense Will Work To Avoid Repeat Of Week Four


It was week four of the NFL season. I had just had a spinal fusion three days prior to the Denver Broncos playing the Green Bay Packers. I was admittedly on enough pain killers to take down an African rhino, yet the beating that the league’s best team put on the Broncos put me in a whole new world of hurt.

The final score was 49-23. Aaron Rodgers went 29-of-38 for 408 yards and had four passing touchdowns. He also rushed for two touchdowns. Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson tore the Lambeau Field up combining for 194 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

It was enough for any defensive player to stare up at the sun and find relief in that before finding relief in looking out across the field. By the end of the third quarter, it was 42-17. There was no comeback written in this story. There was Tim Tebow sitting on the bench.

I talk about this game because it brings back nasty memories of an offense that tore Denver’s defense apart. The New England Patriots currently sit two spots behind the Packers in total offense. Tom Brady sits one spot behind Aaron Rodgers in quarterback rating.

The type of offense that we saw in October is coming to the Mile High this weekend.

“We’ve got a tremendous challenge this week,” defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said. “The New England Patriots have been a good offensive football team, especially for a lot of years. They’re what we aspire to be as an organization.”

I know you’ve been holding your breathe. You can breathe a little now.

When the Broncos played the Packers, Champ Bailey didn’t play. Elvis Dumervil and D.J. Williams were coming off of injuries, and the team didn’t have Chris Harris.

The defense has undoubtedly improved from that time. During their six game winning streak, they’re allowing just 17.0 points per game. They’re creating turnovers and they’re getting to the quarterback.

“We’ve had a lot of growth from that time,” Allen said when comparing his current defense to the one he had in October. “We’ve obviously gotten better on defense.”

Now the Broncos are really put to the test. This is the kind of team that the Broncos could see in the playoffs. The defense will get a taste of what post season play is like. This is the kind of no-pressure test that you like.

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