Tim Tebow Unifies Denver Broncos In Playoff Push


The Chicago Bears didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. They didn’t know that when they enter Tim Tebow’s house, they must surrender to the white Bronco in the South Stands and bow before the NFL’s Comeback King.

The Bears thought that they had the Cardiac Kid under control. Tebow and his offense had just 135 yards at halftime which led to zero points. In fact, through the third quarter, it was more common to see punter Britton Colquitt step out on to the field than it is to see a Kardashian sister in the tabloids.

The offense was dead, done, and defeated. That’s what took away the ‘D’ in Denver. Dropped passes, zero points, and two turnovers will defeat any team.

My how things change in Bronco Land when the team’s heroic leader ignites the fire from within.

“He’s one of those guys that, in my opinion, has competitive greatness,” John Fox said. “He wants the ball in clutch time. I think he’s done it for some time in his career, and he’s doing it now with the Denver Broncos.”

The team has five comeback wins this season, and they are a direct result of Tebow’s presence and play.

Against the Bears, Tebow moved the chains when the team was down 10-0 with 2:08 remaining. Then he hit Demaryius Thomas in the end zone on a 10-yard pass. In the Broncos next possession, he got Matt Prater to within (long) field goal range to tie the game.

“He just knows how to rally guys, and he’s a guy everybody looks at because he works so hard,” Eric Decker said.

Tebow wasn’t done once he led the Broncos to overtime. He conduced a 39-yard drive that set-up Prater’s game winning 51-yard field goal.

“It always amazes me,” Demaryius Thomas said. “You never know what you’re going to get with Tim. He never quits.”

The Bears defense did a tremendous job before the game clock struck Tebow o’clock.

“We just tried to stop him – stop them- the first, second and third quarter,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said. “We knew at the end their game plan changes a little bit. Down 10, it’s going to turn into more of a passing game, which we felt good about. We didn’t put enough pressure on him, letting him scramble and keep plays alive, allowing receivers a chance to get open.”

That’s just it. Teams think that putting pressure on the quarterback will effect him. However, what they don’t know is that Tebow loves the pressure both from an X’s and O’s standpoint and from a philosophical standpoint.

Eyes have been on him since he was drafted in the first round. He’s been in the spotlight since he entered the NFL. Why would anyone even bother to take him in the first round anyway?

You can ask the 8-5 Denver Broncos (7-1 since Tebow was named starter) that one.

Even though Josh McDaniels didn’t make it not two seasons as head coach in Denver, he gift wrapped the city a present that keeps on giving. We Mc-Salute you for that one, coach.

Tebow finished the day going 21-for-40 for 236 yards, with 1 touchdown, and 2 turnovers. He also added 49 yards on 12 carries. No number is more important than the number one, however.

One quarterback unifies one team in a journey to accomplish one common goal.

There’s no ‘I’ in team but there’s ‘We’ in Tebow.

Onward and upward the Broncos go as ONE.

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