Denver Broncos Finding “The Way,” Matt Prater A Big Part Of That


Is there something in the water at Dove Valley? Is there some guru in India working his spiritual powers? Is the wood constantly being knocked on? Does Kyle Orton’s neck beard have some powers where when he’s removed from the game/city, good things happen for the Denver Broncos?

There is something magical surrounding the Broncos right now. They have won six straight games, and they recorded a franchise-best third overtime win this season when they beat the Chicago Bears 13-10.

“If you believe unbelievable things can sometimes be possible,” Tim Tebow stated like a preacher speaking to his congregation. “I think that’s pretty special that we have a team that constantly believes and believes in each other…Great things are only possible if you’re under very tough circumstances.”

The Broncos have had five comeback wins this season. Four of them have come in four consecutive weeks which is the second longest streak in NFL history.

The Broncos, however, don’t have to explain their winning ways.

“We are 8-5, that’s all I would say to whoever,” defensive end Robert Ayers said. “Our goal now is to be 9-5 next week. That’s all that matters at the end of the day, whether it’s luck, whether it’s blowouts. I don’t care how you get it done, as long as you get it done.”

No one can really put a finger on what is going on, especially Matt Prater.

“I don’t know. We are just taking it as we can and winning games. That is all we care about – winning games. We don’t care how we get it done.”

Perhaps no one is as important late in these Broncos victories as Prater. In three consecutive weeks, he’s booted in game winning field goals. In two consecutive weeks, they’ve been proverbial walk-off home runs.

“This year I’ve had more than I have in my whole career,” Prater said about whether he’s ever kicked this many important field goals. “I am definitely going to be bald at the end of the season; bald or gray, one of the two.”

The team is happy putting the game into the hands of Tebow and the leg of Prater as the clock winds down.

“He’s a confident guy, and I know he had all the confidence in the world  he was going to hit that kick,” Champ Bailey said of Prater’s game-winner.

Prater had a field goal blocked by Julius Peppers early in the game, but he got his head back. He nailed a 59-yard kick to send the game into overtime, and then sinked a 51-yard kick to win it.

“He’s been great,” John Fox said of his kicker. “He’s been clutch. He had a bit of a slump there about six-eight weeks ago.He worked very hard to get through that. Now he can repeat the swing, and he can do it under pressure. We’re glad he can.”

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