Is The Bears Defense One The Broncos Can Expose?


When you look at the Chicago Bears defense, you can’t help but let your eyes get big. They have some of the best names in the game, but the Denver Broncos are determined not to let fear strike on Sunday.

“We’ve been treating it just like the last couple of games that we’ve been playing,” Willis McGahee said. “Everybody has big names on their defense, we have big names on our defense, so it’s nothing we’re going to switch up just because of who the names are.”

That’s good to hear. With names like Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, and Charles Tillman, the Broncos offense could go catatonic.

Tillman and Briggs are in the league’s upper tier in tackles. Tillman is ranked 7th while Briggs is 15th overall. Peppers is a sack machine year after year, and he is currently ranked 13th overall with 8 sacks on the season. Urlacher has 3 interceptions on the season.

“It’s really exciting for me to get a chance to play against a defense like this,” Tim Tebow said. “It feels like I’ve been watching them for years. That same defense, that same scheme. It’ll be exciting playing against Brian Urlacher, and Lance Briggs, and Charles Tillman, and Julius Peppers. They’re a great defense and they’ve got some of the best players at certain positions in the whole game so it will be fun.”

The Bears have the playmakers (8th in interceptions, 9th in forced fumbles) and they can stop the run, yet they’re ranked 28th against the pass.

“In the NFL, it’s about momentum and big plays,” Jason Hunter explains. “Whoever makes the mistakes and whoever capitalizes off those mistakes.”

The Bears are +7 in the turnover department while the Broncos are -3. The Broncos, however, are creeping up the charts in terms of turnover differential. They have three pick-6’s which ties for the most in the NFL this year.

While this defense looks mighty intimidating on paper, there are holes and if the Broncos can come up with and execute a well thought out game plan, they can expose the Bears just like they exposed the Jets, another good run defense.

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