John Fox Talks Tebow In A Different Light


During weekly press conferences, John Fox is never one to offer too much praise to any particular player, especially Tim Tebow. About 75% of the questions that he receives are Tebow related, yet Fox does a great job of distributing responsibility among his players.

“I’d be more than happy to talk about Tim, but it’s a team and as a team, we’ve improved,” Fox offered after today’s practice.

“He’s growing as a young player, whether it’s Von Miller, Orlando Franklin, or Tim Tebow, they’re young guys getting better,” Fox said in response to a Tebow-related question.

That’s why when a feature article comes out about John Fox and his quarterback, it’s fun to see the difference in interaction when Fox sits down one-on-one with a reporter rather than being surrounded by 25 of them and video cameras.

Rick Reilly of wrote a tremendous, must read on the two men that are most often credited with leading the Broncos to a 6-1 record over their last seven games.

"The first time Tim Tebow met John Fox was at a dinner in Gainesville, Fla., before the 2010 draft. Halfway through, Tebow excused himself from the table, snuck his credit card to the waiter and whispered, “Make sure I get the check.”Fox grins just thinking about it.“I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of players out to dinner over the years,” Fox says, “and that’s the one and only time a player has picked up the check. Unbelievable.”"

Fox also offered this:

"“I coached against the option so many times in college and, lemme tell you, it can make you look bad. Try to stop Air Force sometime.”In fact, Fox has been secretly looking — on and off — for somebody to run it for him since circa 1996.“I had to try to defend it [as the Carolina Panthers’ head coach] versus Michael Vick,” he said. “They ran a form of it in Atlanta and, damn, it took us two years to figure it out. And here we were, with this guy with the size, strength and durability to pull it off. I mean, this kid is bigger than all our halfbacks!”"

This is an opportunity for us to get to know Fox a little better. Read the article here.

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