The Denver Broncos’ Turnaround


It was one year ago on Monday that the Broncos fired Josh McDaniels. The team had a 3-9 record at that point and had lost 6 of their last 7 games. Dove Valley was not the same atmosphere that it is today under John Fox who currently has this team at 7-5.

“People are happy, people that work here are a little more happy. Everybody has a different attitude about winning.” Mario Haggan said about the environment this year.

The Broncos are a trending team in part because of Tim Tebow, but also because they are riding a five game winning streak that doesn’t have a true end in sight.

“Of course when you put together a run like we have in recent weeks, everybody’s going to be happy,” Haggan said. “You hate to look back on the sad part, but maybe this was a new beginning for this organization.”

The sad part was that the team ended 4-12 after last season. The sad part continued when the team started 1-4 this season.

The frowns have turned upside down, Pat Bowlen and John Elway are smiling more often than not after games, and the team has a pep in their step that only winning in the NFL can bring about.

As the Broncos begin preparations for their week 14 opponent, the Chicago Bears, they have more eyes on them than when they started their 2011 campaign. Television networks are dedicating entire programs to particular players, NFL analysts have their playoff radars up on the team from the Mile High, and other NFL teams now see the Broncos as a viable threat.

What a difference a year makes.

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