Broncos’ Colquitt Good Pro Bowl Candidate


I’m going to halt the talk of Tim Tebow for MVP and John Fox for coach of the year. This is my case for getting Britton Colquitt to the Pro Bowl.

If you were to ask Colquitt about making the Pro Bowl his goal for this season, he’s all about trying to get there, but there are more pressing issues on his mind.

“Personal goal, sure,” Colquitt said. “Ultimately it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t win.”

The Broncos have won a lot of their games thanks in large part to their special teams whether it’s Quan Cosby running back a long punt, Matt Prater knocking in game-winning field goals, and Colquitt booming punts 60+ yards to put the Broncos in prime field position once they get the ball back.

No offense to the second-year kicker, but most of the time no one really likes to see Colquitt come out on to the field. It means that a Broncos drive has just ended, unless of course he’s out there to hold the snap for an extra point or field goal.

Colquitt has the third most punts in the league at this point in the season. He’s averaging 47.9 yards per punt (up from 44.6 yards per punt last year) which is good enough for 6th in the league. Remarkably of his 74 punts this year, 23 have landed inside the 20 yard line, and 10 have landed inside the 10 yard line. 44.5% of his punts have made opposing teams work more than 80 yards of field to get into the end zone.

The Broncos defense should be taking Colquitt out to weekly dinners. He makes their job a lot easier.

For Colquitt to make it to Hawaii this year, you can do your part, and go here to vote for him.

“If I just think about helping the team win, then usually that stuff kind of falls into place as far as individual goals,” Colquitt said about the league’s all-star game. “I just want to give our guys the best chance.”

That he does.

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