John Fox Leading Broncos To Victories, Coach Of The Year Talk Progresses


The Denver Broncos are now three-quarters of the way through their season.To commemorate that and celebrate their fifth straight win, John Fox gave his players the day off. The team will meet again on Wednesday to continue preparations for the Chicago Bears.

With very few players around Dove Valley today, Fox spent a little extra time with the media. He tends to do this after each quarter of the season ends.

Those quarter marks are mighty important for the coaching staff as they review film from the past four games, and use it to make adjustments going forward.

“Games and seasons are won and lost in the fourth quarter,” Fox said.

That makes this time period especially important for the Broncos coaching staff.

“We’ve always taken the approach that people remember what you do in December,”Fox explained. “We’ve got control of our destiny.”

The Broncos are tied with the Raiders for first place in the AFC West. There’s a sense of unity that comes with winning, especially when a team strings together five wins in a row.

“We’d run through a wall for that guy,” Mario Haggan said of Coach Fox.

John Fox looks to be in the running for Coach of the Year. That comes from a guy who said that Kyle Orton gave the Broncos the best chance to win at the beginning of the season. He also would refrain from saying whether Tim Tebow was the Broncos quarterback of the future.

“When you say things like ‘he give us the best chance to win,’ it comes back to haunt you,” Fox said. “At the end of the day, understating and over-producing is a little bit better approach in my opinion.”

The team won just four games last season. They are at seven wins with four left to go. John Fox has already exceeded many people’s expectations at least for his first year as head coach. However, now that the team is winning, the bar is just being raised.

Fox deserves as much credit for this turn around as Tebow does. He has the backing of the front office, his coaching staff, and most importantly, his players.

“Running through a brick wall” for Fox is quite the statement. That quote comes from a member of the team that believes in what his coach is doing.

“You work with us, not for us,” Fox said.

That’s John Fox and his coaching staff’s relationship philosophy with their team. You can tell that philosophy is paying off for a team that was working for Josh McDaniels rather than working with him just last season.

“I’ve had young coaches who were first year head coaches ask ‘what would you recommend,’and I’d just say ‘be yourself,'” Fox said.

Who knows if McDaniels even asked for advice like that.

“Most of us aren’t smart enough to be anybody else. I’m just myself,” Fox asserted.

And that’s exactly who Broncos fans have  grown to love. Put a billboard out for that.

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