Hi, My Name is Joe Mays, Middle Linebacker for the Denver Broncos


“This is a football game – it isn’t a tennis match.”  To paraphrase, when you step onto the field, you better have your chinstrap nice and tight because football is a contact sport.  Many fans love the violent collisions that occur routinely during a typical game. If you’re one of those fans, keep your eye on Joe Mays when the Broncos are on defense.  If you do, chances are that you will see Joe initiate one of these hits.

The first time I actually took notice of Joe Mays was when the Kansas City Chiefs visited Denver on November 14, 2010.  The Chiefs were losing and time was not on their side so they attempted an onside kick.  During that play, Tony Moeaki met Joe Mays up close and personal.  I was watching the game at home that day and didn’t see the initial hit when Joe and Tony collided at the thirty-five yard line until the replay was shown.  Even though I didn’t see the hit during the actual play, I did see the effect the hit had on Tony as he stumbled, trying to get up.  Eventually, Tony Moeaki fell over and the Chiefs medical staff quickly attended to him.  I don’t believe Joe Mays intentionally tried to hurt him but was rather doing his job – clearing out some of the Chief players so his teammates would have a better opportunity to recover the onside kick.

To see the collision between Joe Mays and Tony Moeaki, click here.

After 43 collegiate games at North Dakota State University, Joe Mays entered the NFL in 2008 when he was chosen in the sixth round of the NFL draft (200th overall) by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Joe spent two years in Philadelphia, primarily as a special teams player, and came to Denver on July 31, 2010 via a trade that sent J.J. Arrington to the Eagles.

During the 2010 season with the Broncos, which was cut short when Mays was placed on injured reserve due to a knee injury, Joe started five games and recorded 36 tackles (26 solo) on defense along with nine special team tackles.

Through eleven games this season, Joe has been a steady contributor to a defense that continues to improve each week.  Football is the ultimate team game, but it is always entertaining to watch individuals as they continue to improve throughout a season, which ultimately helps the team or unit perform at a higher level.  Joe Mays is definitely one of those players to watch!  Today, when the Broncos attempt to win their fifth straight game, keep an eye on #51 and see which Minnesota Viking is going to get the opportunity to “meet” Joe up close and personal!

Go Broncos!

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