Another Bronco Victory – I’m Speechless!


I am struggling to find the exact words to complete this article.  Being a Bronco fan who, unfortunately, does not live in Bronco Country, I chose to watch the Bronco/Vikings game at a local sportsbar.  Like many Bronco fans, I was very concerned at halftime due to the lack of production by the Bronco offensive unit.  I knew at this point in the game that if the Broncos were to win their fifth straight game, something dramatic would have to occur.

I am very happy to say my expectations were definitely met!  Despite the fact the offense and defense performed in an extraordinary manner (in seperate halves), the combined effort was good enough to add another “check” in the win column.

Is this team good enough to win the Super Bowl?  Is Tim Tebow the type of quarterback to lead an NFL team to a conference championship, let alone, the Super Bowl?  Those questions, along with many other questions, are racing through my mind this evening, and I do not have the answer for them.  Am I enjoying the last month as a Bronco fan?  Unequivocally, without a doubt, I can say YES!

Given the events of the last six games, the only thing I can really hold against the Broncos is the fact that the method in which they’re winning their games is driving me to the edge of my seat and my sanity.  With two of the last five games going into overtime, and a couple of the others being won in the last couple minutes or seconds of the game, I’m going crazy. Since I am no longer a “young pup,” I am sure my doctor would say many more games like this may be detrimental to my health.  Come on Broncos – you have to help us older fans out, and win a game, every now and then, by a larger margin.

To bring a close to this article, I leave you with these names:  Dolphins, Raiders, Chiefs, Jets, Chargers, and Vikings – those are the teams in the National Football League that have been unable to find a way to beat the Denver Broncos since October 23, 2011.  Bronco fans, don’t try to figure this out…. just enjoy the ride!

The Chicago Bears are next – strap on your seat belt!