Tim Tebow Gets Personal With Broncos’ Coaches


So much has been made of Tim Tebow and his success, but what about his coaches. I’m not talking about just John Fox. I’m talking about offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and quarterbacks coach Adam Gase.

McCoy and Gase remained with the Broncos even during the regime change in the Broncos organization after last season.

McCoy was one of Josh McDaniels’ guys. He was hired by the Broncos in 2009, but didn’t really get the full responsibility of play calling until this year under Coach Fox. Even though he was brought on by McDaniels, McCoy was first one of John Fox’s guys. McCoy worked for Fox in Carolina where he was a passing coordinator and a quarterbacks coach. He helped Jake Delhomme to over 3,000 passing yards in four of his nine years with the team.

Adam Gase was also brought to the Broncos Josh McDaniels, but he was working as a wide receivers coach. McDaniels hired his brother, Ben McDaniels, to be the team’s quarterbacks coach (nepotism much?). When Fox came to Denver he put Gase back into the role of quarterbacks coach which was his position with the Detroit Lions for three seasons before becoming an offensive assistant for the San Francisco 49ers in 2008.

It’s McCoy and Gase that have really taken Tebow under their wings. In fact after wins, we routinely see Tebow running over to McCoy and/or Gase to celebrate.

“It’s all about winning and losing,” McCoy said. “We work extremely hard so when you see us at the end of the games after we win, there is that great feeling you have when you win a football game. You spend every minute of the week just thinking about how can I get Tim to be successful, and our entire offense. That’s all we think about as a coaching staff. I think that’s why you see the excitement and the joy at the end of the games.”

McCoy and Gase have emphasized a working relationship with their quarterbacks, but they also have a personal relationship with them. Tebow will ask about McCoy’s family and he’s great around McCoy’s kids.

“Adam Gase and I, we don’t just go into meetings,” McCoy said. “It’s not just football all day long. We get our work done but we also talk about families, we do things together, we like to have fun in the meeting rooms, and there’s a time and place to be a professional.”

The relationships built on the practice field, and even off the field transition over to game day performance. It’s the relationships that add balance to your steps (and throws) as you walk the tightrope of the NFL.

The Broncos have that on lockdown.

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