Broncos Win Big On Many Levels In San Diego


If you were on the edge of your seat with your eyes closed in overtime of the Broncos win over the Chargers, you were not alone. In fact, a lot of Broncos players were feeling the same way you were.

As Nick Novak lined up for a 53-yard field goal attempt to seal the game, Von Miller couldn’t watch.

“I couldn’t even look when they kicked the field goal,” Miller said. “I heard everyone start screaming so I though it went in, and then I looked up, and that was our fans cheering it on.”

Orange and blue supporters were out in full force so much so that Tim Tebow had the same sentiment as Miller.

“The crowd cheered loud and I kind of got dejected for a second, then I looked up and I saw Brady [Quinn] turn around and he was like this (two arms raised and smiling),” Tebow said of Novak’s missed field goal in overtime.

What a crowd. What a fan base.

Life for the Broncos yesterday was about as topsy turvy as Lindsay Lohan’s Hollywood career.

The Broncos had multiple chances to win it in overtime, but couldn’t put the comeback together as quickly as in games past. In the last six weeks, the Broncos have three wins in which they were tied or they were down entering the fourth quarter. This one was decided only when extra time was put on the clock.

After Novak’s missed field goal, the engine light turned on for the Broncos offense. It was their last push to pull off a win. A tie certainly wouldn’t be an option in this hard-fought battle. Tebow had a 12-yard run and Willis McGahee stepped on the gas pedal for a 24-yard run up the middle.

“I was built from that,” McGahee said. “At the end of the game, when I know those guys get tired of hitting, that’s when I need to step my game up. I kept telling my coach, give me the ball. I’m ready.”

Ready he was. His run was good enough to set Matt Prater up for  a 37-yard field goal attempt.

“We drove the ball with us, had that great run, and then I pretty much knew it was a rap there,” Miller said. “Prater is automatic from that distance.”

Nothing but net, nothing but pure joy inside the Broncos locker room. The Broncos walked away with a 16-13 victory, and another close game won under their expanding winning belts.

“This is a special team,” Tebow said. “It’s a special team when you’ve got a bunch of guys that when things aren’t going good, we get closer instead of pulling apart.”

Home field advantage or not, the Broncos are favored to win as the clock winds down. It’s in their quarterback’s blood (past and present, No 7. and No. 15), and the effect is trickling down the roster.

When John Fox was asked how he thinks his quarterback played, he said, “”Well enough to win, and we’ll take it every week including next week.”

Tim Tebow is 5-1 as the Broncos starter. The team has a 6-4 record and they are a game back from the Raiders. They have won four straight games. No number is as important, however, as is the feeling of a team gelling together at the right time.

November and December are what turn mice into men, ponies into Broncos, strength into courage and fight.

This fight goes on.

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