Broncos Offensive Line Stepping Up In Team’s Four Straight Wins


The offensive line in football is arguably the most under appreciated position in sports. All they do is block, right? Wrong.

The Denver Broncos offensive line has been as important to the team as their quarterback, running back, and defense have been. They don’t get the accolades that they deserve when the orange and blue make it into the painted area, and they are rarely given credit for the team winning their last four games.

Against the Chargers, they allowed just one sack, and they helped the team to 208 yards on the ground. In their past four wins, they’ve given up just four sacks and the rushing game is averaging 219.0 yards per game.

Tim Tebow knows that the O-line is vital to his success.

“The offensive line is doing a great job,” Tebow said. “Sometimes they’ve probably got to play a little bit slower because of the option threats to both sides so it’s tough to necessarily get up field extremely fast.”

Just as is the case with Tebow, Willis McGahee is having a career year because of the team’s line. He’s averaging 77.5 yards per game and he had 117 yards on 23 carries against San Diego.

Offensive linemen typically like to block run plays better than pass plays because they can move forward rather than just holding their stance. However, when the team has blocked pass plays, they have done a tremendous job. Tebow has all the time in the world in the pocket and they’ve helped him achieve a statistic that shows why the Broncos are able to put themselves in a position to win at the end week in and week out. The team has just one turnover (a McGahee fumble) in their last four wins.

“He’s been protecting the ball very well, not turning it over, and that always gives you a chance,” John Fox said of Tebow’s play.

While the reporters circle Tebow and Von Miller in the locker room, and national television covers the “sexy” positions on the field, let us tip our predominantly orange hats and give the Mile High Salute to the O-line.

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