Broncos Defeat Chargers 16-13 In Overtime


The Denver Broncos three game winning streak was extended to four games as the visiting Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers 16-13 in a thrilling overtime game.

Blood pressures were through the roof here in Denver, but nerves are calming as the Broncos made it a clean sweep on the road in the AFC West this year.

A missed 53-yard field goal by Nick Novak gave the Broncos one last gasp with less than three minutes remaining in overtime. The Broncos running game hopped on their high horse and trotted the team down the field to give Matt Prater a chance at a 37-yard field goal. It was too warm in San Diego to ice Prater. He nailed the kick with 33 seconds left in OT.

John Elway was smiling after the game as he patted Tim Tebow on the behind, but the real credit goes to Denver’s defense. They held the Chargers to just 13 points, forced Philip Rivers into a 19-of-36 passing day, sacked him three times, forced him to throw it away multiple times, and chased him out of the pocket more times than he would have liked.

The interview requests will continue to roll on for Tebow, but the Broncos change in defense has helped the team to a 5-1 record just as much as Tebow has in the last 6 games.

Tebow finished going 9-for-18 for 143 yards and a touchdown. He also added 67 yards on 22 carries and a few important crisp throws to pick up the first down.

All in all, the Broncos will ride high on their way back from San Diego. It was a weekend to give thanks and the Broncos will give thanks for their defense on this day.

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