Reasons Why Bronco Fans Can Be Thankful


Today is Thanksgiving – a day most of will be around friends and family, reflecting on the things we have, or have had, in our lives that we can honestly be thankful for.   I spent a few minutes brainstorming and came up with the list below – what Bronco fans can be thankful for!  Some of them I have explained but others absolutely need no explanation whatsoever.  The list is in no particular order and the items, some of them light hearted and some of them serious, make up the history and tradition of the Denver Broncos.  Enjoy…. not only the list below, but your turkey or whatever meat you’re consuming today, an extra piece of pumpkin pie, and the fact that there are three pro football games on television today (even if our beloved Broncos aren’t one of the teams)!

  • The National Football League (without it, Sndays from September through January wouldn’t be the same)
  • All the teams in the AFC West (yes, as much as we ove to dislike the Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers, those rivalries have bought many memories – good and bad)
  • The old, history-filled Mile High Stadium
  • The new, modern Mile High Stadium (the field too, whatever the name is, currently Sports Authority is the winner)
  • Bronco alumni – players and coaches (too many great players/coaches to name here)
  • Tim McKernan (aka The Barrel Man) – may he rest in peace
  • The orange and blue leprechaun (if you’ve attended a Bronco home game, you know who I am talking about)
  • Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potatoes and the fact that they are orange (go figure!)
  • Miles the Mascot
  • Rocky Mountain Thunder
  • Bronco cheerleaders
  • Tailgating before a Bronco game
  • That day in April when the NFL releases the schedule for the upcoming season
  • John Elway comebacks
  • Tim Tebow comebacks
  • Tim Tebow’s boldness to share his faith in Jesus and his willingness to be a role model for kids
  • The Monday morning after a Bronco victory
  • Super Bowl XXXII & XXXIII
  • Six weeks to go in the 2011 season and the Broncos still have a chance to win the AFC West

Happy Thanksgiving Bronco fans!

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