Broncos Don’t Have To Win Pretty


All of the doubters have their reasons for not believing in the Denver Broncos. They say that the Broncos don’t have a great quarterback, they say that they’re not good enough to make the option offense effective over the long run, and they say that the team’s aging secondary puts them at a disadvantage.

The Broncos are proving all of these people wrong by winning four of their last five. Even when the Broncos do win, people say that they’re not winning “pretty enough.”

“The majority of games in this league are won or lost in the fourth quarter,” John Fox said.

You can say that again. In the Broncos last four wins, they have been either tied or ahead to start the fourth quarter. However, they have never been ahead by more than 6 points to start the final quarter.

It’s those pushes at the end of the game that make the Broncos so deadly. It puts grey hairs on our heads, and gets our hearts racing. The key is the Broncos have been able to pull the close ones out, and it doesn’t matter to Coach Fox how “pretty” it is.

“I think we might be the only sport in the world people believe that’s won ugly,” Fox said. “There’s all kinds of phrases that I hear on the outside. Game six of the World Series, two outs, two strikes, one strike away, a guy hits a home run, and it’s fabulous. I kind of liken it to that. I don’t care if it’s by one run or by ten runs. The most important stat is the ‘W.'”

Amen on this Sunday.

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