Thoughts on the Denver Broncos Thrilling Victory over the Jets


Thoughts on the big win over the New York Jets at Mile High Stadium (In no particular order):

  • There are almost no words to describe what we’ve been seeing during these Broncos games. For the 5th game in a row Tim Tebow has given his detractors a bunch of ammunition for criticism, but for the 4th time in those 5 games he has led the Broncos to victory. And this one may have been the most thrilling yet. This was the first of those 4 wins to occur at home and it happened on national TV in amazingly dramatic fashion. The crowd was electric after Tebow scored the game winning touchdown with under a minute left, and Mile High Stadium was officially insane after the game. I haven’t seen an energy like that since John Elway was the Broncos quarterback.
  • The Broncos have now won 3 straight games. Think about that for a minute. Think about how you were feeling about this team a month ago, and then think about how you feel about this team now. It’s simply amazing what has transpired for the Broncos organization over the last several weeks. No one is going to start making crazy proclamations about this season just yet, but for now, winning is a lot more fun than the alternative. Its nights like last night that make being a fan worth it.
  • I am ecstatic about how well the Broncos defense is playing, and I’m happy that they got a chance to show the entire country just how far they have come last night. It is hard to describe the transformation on the defensive side of the ball, but they are a wrecking crew right now. They are getting contributions from everyone, and they seem to be playing as a group. They look like they believe in what they are doing and they play extremely hard. Watch how they all run to the ball and never give up on a play. They may bend every once in a while, but scoring on this defense is becoming a tough task for the opposing teams. 
  • I wonder if Darrelle Revis and Rex Ryan had a good flight home after that loss. Earlier in the week Revis stated he would be bored playing the Broncos offense, but I seriously doubt he was bored while trying to tackle Tebow on that last drive. There are several teams in the league that I would have loved to beat like that on national TV, but it feels very sweet to send the Jets home with their season all but finished.
  • Mark Sanchez had a horrible game. He finished 24/40 for 252 yards and an interception for a quarterback rating of 67.9. His pick 6 to Andre Goodman was the biggest play of the game.
  • Did anyone else notice how dirty Mark Sanchez’s jersey was at the end of the game? The Broncos defense punished him continuously and had him completely rattled by the end of the game. He short armed several throws as the rush came in on him, and I am pretty sure he will be having nightmares of Von Miller for a while.
  • Von Miller is finally starting to get national attention for the monster season he is putting together. He finished last night with 10 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 3 tackles for loss, 4 quarterback hits and 1 pass deflection. Your reaction to that stat line should be: Are you kidding me? And no I am not. Forget NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honors which is going to be a lock. This man belongs in the Pro Bowl.
  • I know it’s not going to show up as drastically in the box score, but Broderick Bunkley and Ryan McBean dominated last night. They both finished with 5 tackles and 1 tackle for loss. I focused on Bunkley quite a bit and he consistently drove his man into the backfield. For how maligned the defensive tackle position was coming into the season, these 2 have really stepped up and should be recognized.
  • It’s hard to complain after a win like that, but the lone Jets touchdown was ludicrous. The Broncos defense forced a massive fumble near their own goal line, and somehow a fat offensive lineman scoops it up for the Jets touchdown. How unlucky is that? Their only touchdown in the entire game was a fluke and I’m glad it didn’t cost us in the end.
  • I know that deserving something doesn’t have a lot to do with the final results in the NFL, but the Broncos absolutely deserved that win last night. They shut down the Jets offense all game and won the special teams battle. If we would have lost it would have been tough to swallow. The offense has got to figure out a way to score more than 10 points in the game. They started 4 drives in Jets territory that resulted in a combined zero points. That must change if we are going to make any kind of serious run this year.
  • Britton Colquitt is turning into a serious weapon. The Jets started all but 3 drives inside their own 25 yard line and 3 of those started inside their own 15.
  • How great is it that we get to enjoy this victory for a little while longer than usual? We can watch football all weekend with the great feelings from this win, and we essentially get an extra bye week going into the Chargers game.
  • Mike McCoy opened it up a bit more, especially early in the game, but he bogged down again in the middle quarters. It seems he has a hard time being creative outside of the early scripted plays or the drives towards the end of the game when he just lets Tebow go for it. I still think we should run some bootleg. There were several plays where a Tebow boot would have been wide open, and it would give him an opportunity to complete some easy passes to a tight end.
  • Tebow has not turned the ball over in any of his 4 wins as a starter. That is imperative with how tight these games have been. Sanchez may have thrown the ball a little prettier, but the bottom line is that Tebow won the game with his play whereas Sanchez lost it with his.
  • We can start talking about the division race if Denver can find a way to win at San Diego next weekend. If we want to seriously consider the post-season this year, we have to win that game. All SoCal Broncos fans: Let’s show up and take over Qualcomm Stadium!
  • How awesome was it to see Broncos Country represented so well on national television? I am proud of this team and proud to be a Broncos fan. Enjoy this one!
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