Jets Worried About A Boring Broncos Offense


The Denver Broncos are 5-2 overall when they have five or fewer pass completions. The stat seems counterintuitive when talking about the importance of a balanced offense.

The Broncos will likely put the weight on the running game once again, at least to start the game. The New York Jets know that this will be the case and that’s why they will likely cram the line of scrimmage and force Tim Tebow to pass the ball.

“We don’t really know what they’re going to do because they’ve been really multiple,” Rex Ryan said of the Broncos offense. “Sometimes they’ll spread them out. They’ll go to empty and run the ball with the quarterback, so no matter what you see, you start by saying it’s probably a run. Then we’ll defend the pass after. ”

To prepare for the Broncos, the Jets have used backup QB Mark Brunell as the scout team QB. He has been mimicking Tebow’s style of play throughout the week to get the Jets’ defense prepared.

“There’s a lot of differences,” Brunell said about comparing himself to Tebow. “One is he’s 20 years younger than me, a much better athlete, faster, and stronger.”

The Jets see the real thing tonight during their second primetime game in five days.

The Broncos go-to receiver Eric Decker will attract the attention of Pro Bowl Darrelle Revis in the secondary. Revis realizes that the Tebow-to-Decker connection is possible. It won the game for them last week against the Chiefs. Still, the challenge for the Jets’ secondary will be to stay in the game.

“You just cannot go to sleep,” Revis said. “This is a game where it’s probably going to be a lot of running. Their running back is getting a lot of carries, and that can kind of lure you to sleep if you see run after run, series after series.”

The Broncos lured the Chiefs secondary to sleep last week by amassing 55 carries. This week they’re hoping an effective running game will be that sweet lullaby needed to put the Jets secondary to sleep as well.

Rock-a-bye baby in the Teeb top. The Broncos will do themselves a favor if Tebow can get the passing game going a little bit in the first half. When the team has been up by 10 or more points at halftime, they are 44-1 since 2000.

Rex Ryan is only in town to try and land his Jets a win tonight. The Broncos will defend their home turf and try to


defeat New York’s team in green. This will be one for the ages.

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