Broncos vs. Jets: Inside The Villain’s Venue


The Broadway Jets are coming to Broncos Country, so it’s time to get to know the team from the big city. I asked Marc Greenberg of The Jet Press some questions to help us get to know the Jets on a deeper level. Marc is the lead editor for The Jet Press which is Fansided’s Jets site.

With that said, let’s go Inside the Villain’s Venue with The Jet Press.

Q: The Jets sit at 5-4. Since Rex Ryan took over, playing the Jets always evoked some fear. This year is different because of their record more than mid way through the seaosn. Do you think their inability to make it to the Super Bowl after some great playoff runs has hurt their credibility? 

A:  I don’t think the team is at a breaking point just yet in terms of credibility.  They have gone to back to back AFC Championship Games so it will take at least one year of failure to get the critics talking.  The Jets under Ryan always seem to get it together at the last second and figure out a way to make the playoffs.  I don’t see this year being any different.

Q: Talk about the Jets’ biggest weakness.

A: The offense is clearly the biggest problem at the moment.  Whether it’s an offensive line that didn’t show up Sunday night against the Patriots, or a quarterback who just doesn’t look comfortable this season, the Jets offense is hurting their defense through poor field position and turnovers resulting in points.

Q: Mark Sanchez took the league by storm in his rookie year, propelling the Jets to the Conference Championship. Why was he so successful as soon as he got into the league?

A: Sanchez, though gifted with a cocky attitude and made for New York personality, has been inserted into a veteran team with a solid running game and offensive line.  That’s it.  A good line can do wonders for a QB, and Sanchez has one (usually).  This season, with the injury to Nick Mangold for 3 weeks, and spotty play from Wayne Hunter, Sanchez has been rattled and doesn’t look in sync with his receivers.

Q: Finally, with the Jets coming off a hard divisional loss to the Pats on Sunday night and then having to fly to Denver, how do you think the team will fare in this situation? Your prediction for Thursday night’s the game?

A: I would like to say that the Jets are angry and will take out all their emotion on Tim Tebow and the Broncos, but we just don’t know anymore.  This team has been wildly sporadic on offense and needs to buckle down and control the clock while allowing their defense to push around the Broncos.

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