Completion Rate Not A Concern For Broncos’ Tebow


You might think that a quarterback’s 2-for-8 completion rate would make his head hang low. Not Tim Tebow.

Tebow only plays a game to win it.

“You’re on a team to win games,” Tebow said after Sunday’s win. “I’m a football player first before quarterback. Whatever we can do to win games.”

The Broncos won despite Tebow not having his first completion until there was three minutes left in the third quarter. That would shake anyone’s confidence, but Tebow has a mindset that works to get him back in the game.

“You can’t look behind, you’ve got to look ahead,” Tebow said. “If you’re looking at the past, I don’t think you’re going to be ready for the future and what happens.”

Tebow’s future only included one more pass completion on the day, but it was his longest career pass and one that went for a touchdown. Tebow heaved a ball to Eric Decker who scored a 56-yard touchdown to put the Broncos up 17-7.

It seems that the Broncos have had an entirely different game plan for each team that they’ve played since Tebow was named the team’s starting quarterback.

“I think every game is different,” Tebow said. “Shoot, every game that I’ve started has been a lot different, and will probably continue to be that way.”

The Broncos didn’t run the option nearly as much as they did against the Raiders last week. Don’t count that style of offense out, however. It works for a good reason.

“I just think it’s one more thing for people to prepare for,” Tebow said. “It’s not like we went in there and did it a lot (against Kansas City), but it’s something you have to scheme for, you have to prepare for, and you have to be sound.”

For a team like the Jets who have an especially short week to prepare for the Broncos (they played on Sunday night), the read option may be difficult for them to prepare for.

As for Tebow, he watched film of the Jets on the team’s bus ride from Arrowhead to the airport.

The study session has started and so has the Tebow era.

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