Broncos Short Week Filled With Work And Warmth


For the Broncos, this is a bit like finals week. While the season doesn’t end after their next game, they are forced to cram like an 18-year-old freshman for his first set of college exams.

The Broncos play two games in five days. Not only is that physically demanding, but it’s mentally demanding as well.

In an unorthodox week, the Broncos had Monday off. Players still came into the facility at Dove Valley for meetings, to receive any kind of necessary medical treatment, and to watch some film on their own. The coaching staff meanwhile will put the final touches on their game plan for the Jets. On Tuesday, a day that the Broncos normally have off, the team will participate in their only full practice of the week. Wednesday is a walk through day, and Thursday  is of course game day.

“We’ll be here late tonight I’m sure,” John Fox said.

Fox watched film of the Broncos-Chiefs game on the plane ride home yesterday. He caught the second half of the Jets-Patriots game when he got home, and then he watched the full game today.

Having a short week creates all kinds of wrinkles.

“It’s not what you know, it’s what you can get across to your players in a short period of time,” Fox said about the week.

Because this is an unusual week, it will be more up to players to get themselves ready for the game than the coaching staff because the coaching staff is still bringing themselves up to speed.

“We’ve definitely got to put in a lot of hours outside of the facility,” Von Miller said on Monday.

Fortunately, the New York Jets will be doing the same thing. If anything the Jets are at a further disadvantage going into Thursday night’s matchup. They lost to a physical Patriots team on Sunday night. They also have to hop on a 4-5 hour flight across the country. That’s a recipe for disaster for most teams. The Jets, however, are not most teams. Rex Ryan always knows how to motivate his group and there’s a reason why they been to the Conference Championship twice in the last two years.

Don’t even bother to wash your Broncos gear this week. Put that orange shirt back on it’s hanger and be ready to grab it again in three days. Week 11 is already upon us.

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