Broncos Glance Towards Jets, But Eyes Are On Chiefs


Teams are always told not to look two games ahead in the NFL. Focusing on the task at hand is always desirable, but the Broncos have to dedicate a few resources towards looking to the Jets game before they play the Chiefs.

The Broncos host the Jets on Thursday night football, which makes for an especially short week for the Broncos to prepare for a volatile 5-3 team.

Luckily, the Jets are on the same playing field as the Broncos, playing on Sunday night against the Patriots.

Because it’s a short week of preparation, John Fox and his coaching staff have already started looking towards the Jets.

“We’ve done this schedule before,” Fox said. “Our coaches are ahead and we’ll get some work done on the airplane both to and from (Kansas City). We’ve got a good plan in place.”

Just because the coaching staff is looking ahead to next week doesn’t mean that the players are.

Playing at Arrowhead cannot be taken lightly no matter how well or how poorly the Chiefs are playing.

The Chiefs hold a 36-14 advantage over the Broncos at Arrowhead.

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