Broncos’ Tebow Has Decision Making On Front Burner


The first time that offensive coordinator Mike McCoy called the read option, he was a quarterback playing in Laramie, Wyoming. The end result of the play was a broken collar bone and a broken first rib.

McCoy likes calling the option play better from the sidelines for option thrill seeker and expert, Tim Tebow.

The Broncos option offense is making big news because of how successful it was against the Raiders, but McCoy says that the hype surrounding the unique play calling is blown out of proportion.

“We’re just trying to win football games,” McCoy said. “That’s all we’re trying to do. Take advantage of the guys we have on our football team and utilize their talents the best we can to win.”

Tebow’s talents play into a college type of offense. He can run and pass (in certain circumstances) well, so the Broncos are playing Frankenstein and creating a new type of offense that’s typically seen in college, and inserting it at the pro level.

As for Tebow, he’s undoubtedly a work in progress, but as long as that work in progress continues to win games, he’s a masterpiece in most eyes.

People get on him about his passing, his slow release, his accuracy, but Tebow is most concerned about his decision making. That has been his No. 1 focus in practice this week.

“Getting us in and out of the right place, getting in and out of the right reads, and then making great decisions on whether to scramble, whether to throw it away, whether to force it in there,” Tebow said. “Ultimately I believe that’s what separates good and bad quarterbacks, and good and great quarterbacks.”

That’s what separates wins from losses.

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