Chiefs Try To Get Arrows Ready, Broncos’ Tebow Deadly On The Road


The Green Bay Packers are preparing for a pending stock sale while the Denver Broncos are seeing Tim Tebow’s stock rise as he leads the team to wins.

This Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs doesn’t get much bigger. Just a game out of first in the division, the Broncos are trying to ride the small winning wave that started near the Pacific Coast with a win in Oakland.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, are trying to avenge their 31-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Pride and prizes are on the line as these two teams ultimately try to purge their losing ways in week 10.

The Chiefs are preparing for Tebow by simulating his type of play in practice with two of their own players. They are using Tyler Palko, who is a a left-handed backup QB, and Jerheme Urban who is a big and fast receiver, but played QB in high school.

The Chiefs run a 3-4, which is something that the Broncos haven’t seem much recently. How Tebow will play against the 3-4 is the big question this week.

“It will effect some of his reads,” John Fox said. “It’s something he will study for hard as will the rest of our offense.”

Tebow says that there are some different things that the team will do against it, but much of the offense will remain the same.

“We just have to execute,” Tebow said. “We’re not just worried about running the read option.”

The Broncos’ offense is the hot topic of conversation lately. Something that isn’t quite at the forefront is Tebow’s ability to thrive on the road.

We all know that Tebow picks up the pace and his game as the clock winds down. He plays best with his back up against the wall. The fear and the hatred of losing trumps all in his book.

Perhaps that’s why Tebow plays so well in somebody else’s stadium. He has 7 career touchdowns and 0 turnovers in his 128 touches on the road.

“I try not to pay attention to it, but it still adds a little fuel to the fire,” Tebow said of the criticism that he receives.

May the words from Arrowhead come out hot as fire. It will only spark Tebow into becoming the run and gun quarterback that he’s shown he can be.

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