Broncos vs. Chiefs: Inside the Villain’s Venue


It’s that time of the week again. The Broncos have yet to play the Chiefs this season, so we need to get to know the team that currently sits atop the division at 4-4. To dive in head first, I asked Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict some questions about the team that he knows best. In fact, no one knows the Chiefs better than Patrick. He’s the long time editor at AA, and can give us great insight into the team from Cowtown.

Without further ado, let’s go Inside the Villain’s Venue with Arrowhead Addict.

Q: The Chiefs are pulling a Jekyll and Hyde act. They lost to the Dolphins 31-3 last week, yet beat divisional rivals Oakland and San Diego in the two weeks before. Which Chiefs team do you think will show up on Sunday?

A: Search me. The Chiefs are a mystery right now. There is a lot of talent here but they just seem to be prone to mental meltdowns. I don’t get it because I think they are well coached but under Haley, when they lose, they tend to do so in spectacular fashion. You saw it yourself in the first meeting of our teams last year.

If I was betting, I would say the good Chiefs show up just because they seem to be a proud bunch who respond well to adversity. I think they were a bit drained after that four game winning streak and the Monday night win.

I’m not saying they’ll come in and blow the Broncos out or anything but I don’t think they’ll have a repeat of last week. I hope not anyway.

Q: Every team has its fair share of injuries, but the Chiefs really took a beating this year losing Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, and Tony Moeaki for the season. How have their backups stepped in and handled their respective jobs?

A: The Chiefs just aren’t deep. Leonard Pope is a backup TE at best. He can be good in spots but he isn’t consistent. Veteran safety Jon McGraw has been great in relief of Berry. He can be liability and he often doesn’t make a big individual impact but he is solid and doesn’t usually make colossal mistakes. As for the running backs, the Chiefs seem to have found a solid runner in Jackie Battle but he is no Jamaal Charles.

The Chiefs could probably have gotten away with the loss of one of these guys but losing them all is making it tough on this young team. There just isn’t enough experience for them to ride it out without missing a beat.

Q: If Tim Tebow were on the Chiefs roster along with Matt Cassel. Who do you think Chiefs fans would want as their starting QB?

A: I think they’d want whoever the backup was. You know how these things go. If the QB isn’t playing well or the team isn’t winning, the backup is the most popular guy in town. Especially if that backup is a 1st round pick. I think Chiefs fans would stand by Matt Cassel if Tebow suddenly found his way on to the roster…so long as the Chiefs were winning.

Q: Whenever the Broncos and Chiefs meet, it’s always a heated game. Who has the bigger home field advantage? The Chiefs and Arrowhead or the Broncos at Mile High? 

A: The Chiefs always have a tough time at Mile High. Broncos fans are a passionate bunch but I’m not sure anything can beat the power of Arrowhead when it is at full strength. I feel like the crowd willed the Chiefs to wins in their last two home MNF games against the Chargers. The Arrowhead Advantage is real.

Q: Champ Bailey vs. Dwayne Bowe. Who wins that battle and why?

A: Bailey. He’s done a good job of shutting down Bowe before and while Bowe is excellent, I think he struggles more often than not against really good corners. Part of that might be Cassel. The think about Matt is that he likes to throw to wide open receivers and he often doesn’t try to squeeze the ball into tight spaces.

But Bowe is improving so I won’t count him out.

Q: Finally, your prediction for Sunday’s game?

A: I think the Broncos are doing the right thing adapting to Tebow’s style right now. Without a full offseason to really get him ready, it is just plain foolish to try to make him play under center in the NFL. I like the approach of trying to do what he does best now to win as much as possible. Worry about developing him in the offseason.

Since the Broncos have chosen to do this, I think it makes them a really hard team to prepare for. I am sure after last week’s success with the option, Denver will add even more wrinkles for the Chiefs.

KC’s offense is struggling right now so it could be a close one. I think the Chiefs will bounce back but it could be a close one at Arrowhead. I predict an ugly game, with the Chiefs escaping with a 16-13 win.

A big thanks to Paddy for taking the time out to answer my questions!

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