Broncos’ McGahee Biggest Beneficiary Of Team’s Option Offense


Usually the quarterback one-two punch is the quarterback himself and his wide receiver. You have Tom Brady and Wes Welker, Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Wallace, Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

Tim Tebow has Willis McGahee. Even though McGahee is a running back, that’s Tebow’s go-to man right now with the Broncos option offense.

Depending on how the defense looks, Tebow hands it off to McGahee or fakes the handoff to McGahee and makes a play himself. It’s the style of play that’s more prevalent in college, but it plays nicely into Tebow’s ability to run the ball.

McGahee said that there were a few plays against the Raiders where he was surprised by getting the ball.

“We’re still getting our timing with it,” Tebow said. “We’re continuing to get better with our timing every day.”

McGahee and Tebow looked like they had been practicing the option full-time since training camp. McGahee had 163 yards on the ground and 2 touchdowns. Tebow added 118 rushing yards.

“He’s pretty good when he’s not 100% too,” Tebow said of McGahee who is recovering from hand surgery.

McGahee has been the Broncos spark on an offense that has not seen success running the ball since the Mike Shanahan era.

“He’s someone that comes in every day and works extremely hard,” Tebow said of McGahee. “It’s huge having him on our team. It’s a great asset.”

Tebow is clearly more comfortable in the option offense and it looks as though McGahee is coming to terms with it as well. It’s been 9 years since McGahee played in college, so he’s letting the youngster lead on this one.

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