Turnover Ratio Key For Broncos’ Season


When it’s all said and done, whoever wins the turnover battle will likely win the game. According to Patrick Smyth of the Broncos’ PR department, teams that are +3 in the turnover ratio in a game are 17-0. The Broncos were +3 against the Raiders on Sunday.

The big key in the Broncos win on Sunday was the fact that the Broncos didn’t turn the ball over. While Tim Tebow may not be the most accurate passer, he still got two passing TDs on the board and did not turn the ball over. In fact, in the 6 games that he’s played in this season he had 6 passing TDs and just 1 interception. It’s hard to get down on a QB that doesn’t turn the ball over and makes something out of nothing.

By comparison, in Kyle Orton’s five games he had 8 TD passes and 7 interceptions. It becomes easy to see why the Broncos were 1-4 to start the season.

The Broncos are currently -5 in the turnover department which is 23rd in the league. The top 7 teams in turnover ratio are well above .500.

Of course one half of the turnover equation is a team’s own turnover susceptibility. The other half if the team’s ability to create turnovers. Against the Raiders, Champ Bailey had two interceptions and Chris Harris added one. The pressure from Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller was the catalyst for Carson Palmer’s bad throws.

Assuming that the defense can stay healthy and Tebow’s passing game improves, the Broncos turnover ratio will only get better.

It doesn’t matter if a team plays well on offense 90% of the time. A turnover swings momentum and costs teams games, particularly on the road when every offensive possession counts.

As the Broncos take to Kansas City this week, if turnovers are on the brain, a win will be waiting in the bank. It’s all up to the Broncos holding onto the ball and making big plays on defense.

A mid-season comeback rides on it.

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