Broncos Raid Oakland, Beat Raiders 38-24


Let it be known that when the Broncos and Raiders do battle this year, the gloves come off and punches are thrown. If you need evidence, just look to Tim Tebow’s bloody lip before halftime.

There’s the Tale of Two Cities and then there’s the Tale of Two Halves. Charles Dickens would approve of the outcome of this game. It featured Tiny Tim Big-Time Tim leading his team to victory over the dark and evil. Perhaps a running QB can outrun his critics.

The first half was all Carson Palmer. The second was all Broncos. Down 17-7 at halftime, the Broncos came out of the locker room ready to play. They put up 31 second half points.

The New York City Marathon was today, and so was the so-called Oakland Marathon. The Broncos ran around, through, and over the Raiders to cross the proverbial finish line with a 38-24 win. There’s was no bonking, only a second wind as the play clock ran down.

Willis McGahee finished the day with 163 yards on 20 carries. He had a long of touchdown run of 60 yards just one play after Carson Palmer threw an interception right into the hands of Chris Harris at the end of the third quarter. The Broncos ended the day with 297 yards on the ground.

It was another three interception day for Palmer with Champ Bailey coming up with two of those picks. Denver’s defense held their ground and held the Raiders to 7 second half points. They sacked Palmer twice and kept the Raiders to 100 yards rushing yards.

All and all it was a great day for the Broncos in the city of Oakland. If you were in California and felt the ground move, don’t worry it wasn’t an earthquake, it was longtime Raiders owner, Al Davis, rolling over in his grave. Oh how he used to love seeing the Raiders beat the Broncos.

If you thought the talk of the town was all Tebow before, just wait until the Tebow Ticker rolls after this one. He finished the day 10-of-21 for 124 yards and 2 interceptions. He also had 12 carries for 117 yards. Most importantly, however, he didn’t turn the ball over.

Without question, Tebow will start next week against the Chiefs. Without further questioning, the Chiefs (who lost 31-3 to the winless Dolphins) will have a battle on their hands next week.

The Broncos’ win snaps a four game losing streak to the Raiders. It also snaps a week long flurry of criticism about Tebow and the Broncos since their week 8 thirty-point loss at home to the Detroit Lions. Now, the Broncos sit just a game back of first place in the AFC West race.

Harsh words about Tebow were thrown around as crisp as darts to a dartboard. In an opposite environment, there are now crickets in Oakland. It’s the perfect sound.

As we learned today, the offense and the defense are the heart of this Broncos team, but the quarterback is its soul.

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