Shannon Sharpe: Tebow Not Worth Weight In Dollar Bills


Shannon Sharpecaught a lot of balls in his career. The Hall of Fame even thinks so.

With 815 career catches, over 10,000 receiving yards, and 62 touchdowns, when Shannon Sharpe speaks, Broncos Country listens. He’s also got the biggest mouth in the business. With that said, Sharpe’s recent words about Tim Tebow have made ears perk today.

Sharpe spoke to Gary Miler and Vic Lombardi on 102.3 The Ticket and shared his opinion on Tebow.

"“How many dates did you have to go on before you realized that the girl you were dating wasn’t the one? Does the girl need to burn your house down? Does she need to bust your car windows out?”“Look, I’m not arguing whether or not he’s a great guy,” Sharpe said. “I’m not arguing whether or not he’s a hard worker. I’m not arguing any of those facts.“But I think in today’s game, it’s hard for you to play quarterback in the National Football League if you can’t throw the ball accurately, and if you can’t throw it consistently accurate.”“At the end of the day, this is ultimately how you look at a quarterback and tell if he’s any good or not: Does he make anybody else around him better?” Sharpe said. “The reason people constantly say that John Elway is the best to ever play the game? John Elway took a seventh-round draft pick out of Savannah State and you saw him get a (Hall of Fame) gold jacket. He took an undrafted free agent (Rod Smith) and (Smith) caught more passes for more yards and more touchdowns than any other undrafted receiver in history of the game. – Denver Post"

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