Just Remember, Tebow Is A Young QB


There’s no doubt that Tim Tebow is one of the hardest working football players in the NFL.

He takes the practice field a half-hour before practice begins and he stays late with QB coach Adam Gase to work even more. He has good reason to be so hard-working. All eyes are on him to see if he will experience success at the professional level.

Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy stood outside after practice on Thursday and defended his starting quarterback.

“He want to be successful,” McCoy said of Tebow. “He’s a young quarterback. Look at all the young quarterbacks in the league. How many come out right away and start lighting it up from the first game on? There aren’t many in the history of this game that do that. They all struggle early on.”

Should we be worried then that Tebow’s throws are off target, that he’s taking a high number of sacks, that people get more excited when he runs the ball than when he throws it?

“There’s going to be some growing pains,” McCoy warns. “The good thing about him is he just keeps working hard every day. He tries the best he can to do it the way you’re coaching him to do it.”

Once ‘try’ turns into touchdowns and wins, that’s when people will lay off the second year QB.

“He’s got a bright future,” McCoy said. “The best thing about it is he wants to be great.”

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