Broncos’ Ownership Not Ranked Highly On Forbes List


When a football team has a 2-5 record and there aren’t many glimpses of hope for the near future, it becomes easy to play the blame game.

Charlie Bernstein of ESPN is doing it by blaming short-lived but demonstrative coach Josh McDaniels. Woody Paige is pointing fingers at everybody under the Mile High Sun. Fans have their own opinions.

Many have suggested that out of the spotlight owner, Pat Bowlen, should be shouldering more of the blame than he is.

Oddly enough, at one of the most disturbing times in franchise history, Forbes has come out with their list of the top 10 best NFL owners and the top 10 worst NFL owners. This list was composed based on the team’s performance on the field and their financial growth off the field.

The Broncos Pat Bowlen barely made the list at No. 10 for worst NFL owners.

The top 5 best owners are:

1. Mara and Tisch Families (New York Giants)

2. Robert Kraft (New England Patriots)

3. James Irsay (Indianapolis Colts)

4. Public Stockholders (Green Bay Packers)

5. Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys)

The top 5 worst owners are:

1. William Clay Ford Sr. (Detroit Lions)

2. Al Davis (Oakland Raiders)

3. Ralph Wilson Jr. (Buffalo Bills)

4. Randy Lerner (Cleveland Browns)

5. Mike Brown (Cincinnati Bengals)

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