Tim Tebow Talks Taking Sacks


If this is in fact Tim Tebow’s world and we’re all just living in it, don’t you think that every once in a while Tebow would get sick of all of the attention?

From Sunday to Friday, one can’t turn on ESPN or the NFL Network without an analyst mentioning Tebow’s name.

That’s the life of the biggest star in sports right now. The criticism comes from the fact that while he had an incredible college career, he hasn’t done anything as a professional yet.

He’s 2-3 as a starter and he’s got a 48.1% completion rate. It’s no wonder analysts find it easy to knock the kid, not as a football player, but as a quarterback.

Tebow said after practice today that he doesn’t watch much television other than on Saturdays when his Gators are playing. It’s a good thing because any ego could take a beating with what people are saying this week.

In the Broncos’ 30-point home loss, Tebow had just 17 passing yards at halftime. Most of his 172 passing yards came in garbage time. What did not come in garbage time, however, are the seven sacks.

Anyway you spin it, each sack not only marked the end of a play/drive, it marked a hit to a developing quarterback’s confidence.

Tebow won’t admit that. He says that his body feels good, and he just has to make better decisions in the future.

“Make great decisions, get the ball out quick, probably throw it away more,” Tebow said of how he will reduce the number of sacks that he takes. “Ultimately, just be smart with the ball and make great decisions.”

Tebow has never been known as a QB who will be okay with taking a sack. He would rather gain a yard on the play and take a hard hit than go down in the backfield.

His coaches don’t want to take away his competitive spirit, but they are coaching him on being smart with the ball and with his body.

“I kind of took a few half slides in the game. That kind of counts, if you go on your side, right,” Tebow chuckled when talking about the Detroit game.

In the past two games, Tebow has taken 13 sacks. Part of it is the offensive line. Part of it is his style of play. Regardless, the Raiders have a similar scheme as the Lions do and that’s the concern this week.

“Seeing the similarities between Detroit and Oakland, they are both very powerful and big and strong up front, and have a lot of team speed,” Tebow said.

Oakland has 16 sacks on the year, but their middle-of-the-pack ranking doesn’t mean much. The Dolphins are ranked even lower and they got to Tebow six times.

This is Tebow’s game to prove the recent doubters wrong. This is Tebow’s season to prove to the long-time doubters that their forecast was mis-targeted and his passes were not.

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