Tim Tebow Under Intense Microscope, Status For Next Week Uncertain


In ancient Rome, Lions ate many heads in the Coliseum. In present day Denver, the Lions ate the heads of the Broncos.

No head was gnawed on as much as Tim Tebow’s.

"“Can you believe 15?  Come on – that’s embarrassing.  I mean, it’s a joke.  We knew all week that if we brought any kind of defensive pressure, he couldn’t do anything.  In the second half it got boring out there.  We were like, ‘Come on – that’s your quarterback? Seriously?’” – Unnamed Lions’ defender (Yahoo Sports)."

It looks like the Lions had a nice full meal and are talking about it a day later. They’re not the only ones talking. Media, national can local, are critiquing Tebow’s performance, fans can’t help but play Monday morning quarterback, and kids are scrambling to find an alternate Halloween costume for tonight.

Tebow’s 18-of-38 performance warrants actions and reactions. After the Broncos coaching staff watches film, they will discuss his future at quarterback.

When Outstanding Orton turned into Ordinary Orton, Tebow Time struck. Is it now time for Four Quarter Quinn?

John Fox wasn’t ready to name a starting QB for next week’s game at Oakland after yesterday’s game. He can’t pull that trigger until the wave of frustration and grief diminishes.

Many argue that Tebow didn’t have the protection that he needed. He took 7 sacks. Many will say that the play calling doesn’t play into Tebow’s strengths. If that’s the problem, Urban Meyer should be put on Dove Valley’s speed dial.

Perhaps the lockout hurt no one as much as it hurt Tebow. Prior to the draft, it was known how much work had to go into making him an NFL QB. The rookie year is about getting used to NFL speed, becoming faster at reads, learning the playbook, etc. Changes to fundamental skills need to happen on a player’s individual time. Not during team practices. That’s where  the no contact with the coaching staff rule this off season hurt Tebow the most.

If anything next week’s game at Oakland is more a test of character than of competence. Can he bounce back and overcome a 30-point home loss or will he fall into the proverbial QB Black Hole that’s occupied by guys like Vince Young, JaMarcus Russell, and Ryan Leaf?

Time will tell if Tebow TIme will prevail.

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