Tim Tebow Remains Broncos’ Starting QB


Tim Tebow will in fact remain the Denver Broncos starting quarterback this week as the team prepares for the Oakland Raiders.

"“He’s a young quarterback, we’re getting to know him better and he’s getting to know the offense, with each one of those snaps,” Fox said. “I think at the end of the day, we have to see if he can improve and get better in the passing game.” – Mike Klis (Denver Post)"

In a 45-10 loss to the Lions, it would be easy to point fingers at No. 15 for the team’s offensive inaptitude. Going three and out in nine straight drives, tallying 17 passing yards at halftime and giving up two turnovers (one of which went for 100 yards and a touchdown) will tempt any coaching staff to look around on the quarterback bench.

Kyle Orton had his chance. If the team puts the unhappy QB back in, it really shows that they don’t know what to do with the position and they will likely upset a teetering fan base.

Brady Quinn is an option, but he hasn’t played in a regular season game since the ’09-’10 season. If Tebow doesn’t show a major improvement in the next 3-4 game, Quinn will likely be given the nod in December.

Worst case scenario (or perhaps best case?) is the Broncos end up with a very high first round draft pick. John Elway could work his Stanford ties and is able to bring Andrew Luck to Denver. They could also look at Matt Barkley from USC.

Before we start talking draft options, let’s keep our heads fully engaged in this season. It’s far from over and the Broncos are in the middle of a full-blown QB tryout.

As Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports put it,

"Against a crappy team like the winless Dolphins, the possibility exists that Tebow can get away with 55 minutes of flaccid football and, with the help of a blessed onside-kick recovery, add to the legend forged at Florida, where he had one of the most decorated college football careers of all time. However, against an emerging power like the Lions (6-2), he’s as overmatched and vulnerable as an adolescent’s eardrums in the front row of a Nickelback concert."

Unless there’s fast improvement, Tebow will be benched and then dealt at the end of the season. The only place he might land is St. Louis to reunite with the coach that drafted him, Josh McDaniels.

The people of Denver want Tebow to succeed, however. He’s the people’s QB. We’ve been pleading for him since Day one of the McDaniels Mc-ending and chanted for him since John Fox was first brought on as head coach.

Like it or not, Tebow still reigns as Denver’s QB. He was knocked off his throne against the Lions but will be given another chance to consistently show the fleeting images of brilliance that were on display in the final quarter of the San Diego game and the final three minutes of the Miami game.

A city awaits the second coming of Elway. It awaits the first coming of Tebow.

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