Broncos Players Halloween Costumes


With today being Halloween, let’s have a little fun and look at what the Broncos might dress up as.

Tim Tebow as Clark Kent – When will he rip off his proverbial white shirt and tie and save the Broncos franchise?

Von Miller as Batman – Miller isn’t Robin to Elvis Dumervil’s Batman. Leading the team in sacks, Miller IS Batman.

Elvis Dumervil as Injured Mummy – Dumervil’s play has been good as dead since suffering all of these injuries. Strap him in a sling and put him in a foot boot.

Kyle Orton as a Vampire – He sucked the life out of the Broncos after going 4-14 as a starter in the past two season. Now those teeth are used for dip on the sidelines.

Eric Decker as a Wheaties Box– His consistent play has been that of Champions.

Brian Dawkins as a Pumpkin – He’s the staple defensive decoration, truly a classic. Dawkins is the backbone of the defense, the pumpkin is the backbone of the holiday.

Champ Bailey as a Bat – A classic player that flies around the field, and comes alive especially when the game looks dark.

Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin as matching Sumo Wrestlers – These big offensive linemen are the bookends that protect the QB. Both are soft-spoken guys that respect the sport and its tradition. They don’t want or need any attention.

Julius Thomas  as Antonio Gates – The former Portland State basketball star hope to make the transition to the NFL tight end like Gates did.

John Fox as the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz – Fox is the all-knowing, experienced coach that occupies the” orange city” but are his powers all mystifying?

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