Tim Allen Changes Teams!


After a twelve year hiatus from situational comedies, Tim Allen is back and Bronco fans should like the changes in Tim’s latest venture into television.

In Tim Allen’s new sitcom, Last Man Standing, Tim has changed his profession, “relocated” his home and his sports team allegiance.  Gone are the days of producing the fictional television show Tool Time, the chore of raising three sons, dealing with the cold Michigan weather, as well as the overall uneventful seasons with the Detroit Lions.

Last Man Standing, which airs each Tuesday at 7 pm CST on ABC, focuses on the family challenges of Tim Allen’s new character, Mike Baxter.  Baxter works in the outdoor sports industry, has three daughters, one of which is already a young mother, and the best part, is an avid Denver Bronco fan.

The October 18th episode opened with Mike Baxter sitting at the table holding his grandson.  While reading the paper, he points out, with a hint of frustration in his voice, that the Broncos would have won five Super Bowls if Elway had receivers like Jerry Rice.  A few minutes later, while the family is discussing the grandson’s attachment to his blanket, Mike Baxter’s wife points out that everyone has something they hold on to – Mike’s being his irrational attachment to the Denver Broncos!

As I sat watching Last Man Standing with my family, I anxiously waited for Tim Allen to throw in one of his iconic Home Improvement manly grunts or another reference to the Denver Broncos.  Unfortunately, neither happened but I will continue watching Last Man Standing in hopes that the Broncos will get more airtime.

Click here to watch the October 18th episode or click here for a more detailed synopsis of the show.

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