Is Tim Tebow More At Risk For Injury?


The scary thing about football is a that starter can be taken out just as quickly as he was thrown into the game. That’s the nature in injuries.

Nothing makes more of an impact on a team than an injury to the starting quarterback. Ask the 0-6 Indianapolis Colts.

Tim Tebow took 6 sacks in his first start last week. He was knocked down numerous times, and he’s the type of quarterback that puts his body on the line because he can move the chains as a runner.

That type of quarterback is more susceptible to injury. Michael Vick is another quarterback you can talk to about that.

It brings up the issue of whether or not the Broncos are concerned with Tebow’s style of play.

“He’s a football player and you don’t want him to hold back,” offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said. “He’s got to understand there’s a fine line there also. When you’re scrambling in an open field, when do you try to run a guy over versus when do you slide? What’s the situation of the game? Are you in field goal range? You can never take the competitive drive out of the player.”

Tebow agrees, but he also adds that his decision making can effect how he plays the position.

“You obviously don’t want to get hit,” Tebow said. “Part of it is me making better decisions, getting the ball out of my hand quicker, maybe throwing some of them away.”

After being sacked so many times in Miami, Tebow said that he was a bit sore, but felt fine in the days to come.

“Anytime you have a win like that, I think it always makes things feel a little bit better,” Tebow said.

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