“Tebowing” Craze Reaches “Planking” Proportions


It’s the hot topic this Friday. Forget injury reports, game previews, and fantasy trades. If you’re not “Tebowing,” you’re not living.

Tebowing = To get down on one knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Here’s a picture of Tebow in action.

Von Miller is doing it. Tim Tebow is endorsing it. A man by the name of Jared Kleinstei even created Tebowing.com which shows people all over the world “Tebowing.”

My favorite Tebowing picture is located to the right.

@TimTebow I’m Tebowing while Chemoing! Im a cncr srvivr whos trsting u wth his fntsy team. hope your not getting anoyed.”

Don’t worry it’s Tebow’s favorite picture too.

John Fox was asked about the craze after today’s practice.

“I’m not sure it’s totally original. I’m not taking anything away from Tim. I know he’s got outstanding popularity, but whatever you call it, I’ve taken a knee many a times on late field goals, those type of things in my football career so we’ll leave it at that.”

A reporter then asked if Fox was taking credit for it. Fox’s response,

“I’m not going to get into first,” Fox said with a chuckle.

Let me just take a knee, and ahem, you know, tie my shoe or something.

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