Broncos’ Bailey Discusses Quarterback Changes, Coaching Feuds


I thought I’d share a gem of an interview from one of Denver’s finest, #24, Champ Bailey.

Champ joined Houston Texans‘ wideout Derrick Mason on NFL Network’s Open Locker Room segment last week, and the future Hall of Famer touched on a wide array of topics.

Some highlights:

Bailey on the resurrection of Carson Palmer in Oakland-

"I guarantee he’s gonna have some early struggles…It’s gonna be a learning curve for him, but he’s a smart guy – he’s proven himself in this league time and time again."

On the postgame confrontation between 49ers’ head coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz

"I kind of have an old school mind. I kind of miss the rowdiness of the game…I love that part of the game."

Bailey and Mason were then asked how they would react if either of their head coaches ever engaged in a scuffle with another coach after the ceremonial postgame handshake. Mason joked that he is too old to fight and would probably stand back and watch. Bailey, however, reaffirmed his old school football mentality. Laughing, he said:

"I would have been standing by my coach, you know, ready to fight whoever."

Enjoy both segments of the interview in full at

Champ Bailey on Open Locker Room, 1 of 2
Champ Bailey on Open Locker Room, 2 of 2

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