Dolphins Players Upset That Tebow Had His Day In Miami


It was Tim Tebow’s day in more ways than one on Sunday.

First the welcome mat was thrown out for the former Florida Gator as the 2008 National Championship team was honored at halftime. Then it was Tebow guiding the Broncos to a win with less than three minutes left after being 15 points down.

Open up a newspaper in Florida on Monday morning and Tebow’s image was burned into the brain more than the Florida sun can turn a ghostly white 9-t0-5 er into a walking lobster.

The fact that Tebow’s homecoming was honored upset many Dolphins’ players.

"“[I]t was awful,” (Anthony) Fasano told Joe & Evan of WFAN, via, regarding the celebration of the Florida 2008 national title team.  “Showing up at the stadium and seeing all the Gator stuff and the Tebow stuff.  It was disheartening…Safety and defensive captain Yeremiah Bell confirmed the sentiment in an appearances with Joe Rose of WQAM.  “I think it was kind of messed up, you know, how he has a day in our stadium,” Bell said.  “You know, I don’t think any of us thought that was right.” – Pro Football Talk"

Bell went on to say,

"“I think he’s a running back playing quarterback with a high football IQ,” Bell said.  “At the end of the day, when his career gets on down the road, he may even have to switch positions.” – Pro Football Talk"

At 0-6, the Dolphins had to increase their ticket sales somehow. In Florida, Tebow was the only way to go.

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