Tim Tebow vs. Cam Newton: Too Early To Tell?


Tim Tebow vs. Cam Newton. Came Newton vs. Tim Tebow.

Turn on any sports talk radio program or any sports network on television and that’s what the talk is about this Monday.

Both Tebow and Newton helped their teams to big wins in week 7. Their teams are 2-5, and they are the hope of the future for their respective rebuilding franchises.

In reality, however, we’re talking apples and oranges.

One guy plays well for 50+ minutes, one guy has the heart to bring his team back from 15 down in the fourth quarter and win the game.

Put the two young quarterbacks in one body and you have the ultimate new-age NFL quarterback.

Tebow went 13-of-27 for 161 passing yards and 2 touchdowns in an overtime thriller against the Dolphins. He also had 8 carries for 65 yards and converted a game-tieing two point conversion with less than 1-minute left.

“That was amazing,” Champ Bailey said after the game. “Tebow did some spectacular things there in the last three minutes.”

Cam Newton led his team to a 33-20 win over the Washington Redskins. He went 18-of-23 for 256 yards and one passing touchdown. He also had 59 yards on 10 carries and one rushing touchdown.

It’s too early to compare the two former Heisman winners.

In Tebow’s 13 career games, he’s averaging 68.8 passing yards per game and has an 85.9 career QB rating. He has 8 passing TDs, 7 rushing TDs, and 3 interceptions.

This year, he’s averaging 60.0 passing yards per game and has a QB rating of 94.4. He has 3 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD, and 0 interceptions.

Newton, in his rookie year, has played in 7 career games. He’s averaging 300.4 yards per game, with an 82.8 QB rating. He has 8 passing TDs, 7 rushing TDs, and 9 interceptions.

The reason why it’s hard to compare the two right now is because Tebow has never really had a chance until now. With the lockout delaying his progress as an NFL QB, he’s essentially a rookie just like Newton is.

Career wise, Tebow and Newton have similar numbers, and both QBs can obviously run the ball. Their teams have the same records, but their playing style is too different at this point.

Newton comes out firing, hitting his receivers on their numbers, and gets points up on the board early in the game.

Tebow ignites the fire once the game is on the line and his team is in need of a drastic comeback. He did it against the Chargers in week 5, nearly pulling off a last second win after being down 16 points in the fourth quarter. He did it against the Dolphins in week 7.

While the NFL is celebrating this new type of running quarterback, highlighting Tebow and Newton on T.V. until our eyes bleed orange, blue, black, and silver, both Broncos fans and Panthers fans just want the wins to multiply.

At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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