Defense Ultimately Put Broncos In Position To Win


The day may have screamed Tim Tebow, but it shrieked Orange Crush as the Broncos beat the Dolphins on Sunday.

Denver’s defense held it’s ground for the better part of the game, just waiting for a stagnant offense to emerge out of the bowels of South Beach. The Broncos went 4-for-16 on third down, had punter Britton Colquitt out there 9 times, and had zero points through three and three-fourths quarters.

When the offense sputters, defense can quickly turn sour as well. That didn’t happen yesterday as the Broncos won their second game of the season.

The team got to Matt Moore 4 times, forced the Dolphins to punt 8 times, and forced them to go 3-of-14 on third down.

Stepping up individually, Jonathan Wilhite had 11 tackles, D.J. Williams sacked Moore causing him to fumble and then recovered the ball in overtime, and Brian Dawkins had 2 sacks.

The Broncos held the Dolphins to just two field goals at halftime, a feat that kept the offense’s gears turning, before finally getting something going.

The Dolphins are not the best offensive team, but they do have a solid ground game with Daniel Thomas averaging 80+ yards per game. The Broncos held him to 53 yards, getting 2.8 yards per carry.

Champ Bailey had the responsibility of shadowing former teammate Brandon Marshall. Marshall finished with 6 catches for 61 yards.

For a stadium that predominantly favored the orange and blue of a different shade, they were treated to a miraculous fourth quarter rally by Tebow all because of a defense that kept the Broncos in the game.

Magic City highlighted Touchdown Timmy, but it was Divine Defense that stole the show.

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