Broncos’ Heart Exposed In Win Over Dolphins


If nothing else the Broncos looked like the guy in the classic game, Operation.

Laid out on the table, organs exposed and the odds against them, the Broncos looked dead in the water.

Thankfully, Dr. Defense and Dr. Tim Tebow came to the rescue in the final three minutes of the game.

“I’ve been in some close games, last second field goals, stuff like that,” Champ Bailey said. “Not like that. Not when you’re down 15-0 in the fourth quarter. No. Never.”

The organ most exposed in the Broncos 3-point overtime win against the Dolphins? Easily the heart.

“This team has a lot of heart. We always have, always will,” Daniel Fells said.

Heart allows a team to pull out close wins against certain teams, but it does not make up for 55 minutes of bad football against great teams.

“We know going forward, we can’t put together three quarters like that and beat good teams,” Bailey said.

Next week the heart has to remain, but the play has to be cleaned up. The Detroit Lions are in town and they’re hungry for a win after a 5-0 start and then losing two in a row.

When fishing for NFL wins, it’s best to bait with the brain and play with heart. The Broncos have the latter down pat.

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