Broncos, Tebow Success Hinges On Thomas


There’s aways more excitement in the atmosphere on game day, but for some players, Sunday’s game against the Dolphins will produce more nerves than usual.

Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas are not inexperienced rookies by any means, but they are second year players gearing up for something special.

Tebow heads back to his home state to play on a field that has been the setting for two championships (high school and college). Tebow family and friends will surround their star and Dolphins fans, a lot who are Gator fans, will be in full force to support a different shade of blue and orange.

“I think with Tim Tebow, it’s another football game. It’s just his personality,” offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said of the perceived added pressure.

For the first time, the first five picks in the Broncos 2010 draft class (all offensive players) will start together. That includes the oft-injured wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas.

“Demaryius has just got to go out there and do what we know he can do,” McCoy said. “Don’t try to do anything special. He’s been here now for over a year so he knows what we’re doing, he knows the system. He just had some bad luck the past year.”

Bad luck or not, Thomas will play a major role in whether Tim Tebow succeeds in his first start under John Fox.

The Broncos got rid of their No. 1 receiver (Brandon Lloyd) for a reason. They believe that Thomas will become that guy. They believe he will be a big target for Tebow, one that has speed and strength to run after the catch, one that was rightfully selected before Tebow in the first round of the draft.

It may be Tebow time, but it’s also Thomas time.

Broncos fans have waited long enough for the “future” to become the present. Sunday is the day.

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