Broncos’ Bailey Made Phins’ Marshall A Better WR


The Miami Dolphins are one of three teams without a win this season. The Broncos aren’t that much better at 1-4.

“The difference between good records and bad records are people that win their close games,” John Fox said.

The Broncos have lost three games by five points or less. The Dolphins have come within 10 points of another teams just once. However, Fox has been cautioning his team not to take the Dolphins lightly.

“They’re very capable. We don’t look at the record, we look at the tape,” Fox said.

On tape, on paper, and in person, no one is as threatening as former Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

“He’s a very physical dude,” Brian Dawkins said. “He’s not going to back down from a fight. He’s going to go up and challenge balls when they’re in the air. That’s the type of player he is.”

Through five games, Marshall is having his best year yet averaging 84.4 yards per game.

“He’s playing better than when he was here,” Champ Bailey said. “The frustrating part about it is I think I taught him a little bit.”

Bailey and Marshall have lined up against each other in practice thousands of times, so perhaps no one knows Marshall better than his former teammate.

“I know what type of player he is and how much passion he plays with,” Bailey said.

Listed at 6’4″, 230 lbs., Marshall is a giant compared to Bailey who is 6’0″, 192 lbs.

That’s why the most intriguing match up of tomorrow’s game will be down the field, away from Tim Tebow’s arm.

On a day that features Florida’s hero, Bailey will quietly go about his day as a shutdown corner.

That’s the hope at least.

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