Broncos’ Miller And Dumervil Ready To Attack


John Fox had ‘Smash and Dash’ in Carolina. In Denver, he has ‘Zoom and Doom.’

Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil are a couple of the best pass rushers in the league, or at least they have the potential to be. Dumervil already proved that he was back in 2009. Miller is gaining national attention for his first step off the line and to the quarterback.

For the first time, the Broncos will have their ultimate pass rushing duo at 100% this week.

“It will be a good chance to get both guys at full strength, and see where we’re at,” defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said.

After leading the league in sacks two years ago, Dumervil was forced to miss last season with a torn pectoral muscle. He has just 4 tackles in just three games this year due to a shoulder injury. The bye week certainly helped Dumervil recover and get a little lifting in which reportedly increased his confidence for the second part of the season.

“More so than anything else is you notice a different attitude,” Allen said of Dumervil. “He was hurt and I think you could tell that, and he just wasn’t real confident in the way that shoulder was feeling. I think he’s really excited about really playing, and playing pain free.”

Dumervil’s absence hasn’t been noticed as much because the Broncos drafted Von Miller with their No. 2 overall selection. Miller, however, has had his ups and downs as well. He was pulled from Denver’s base defense against the Chargers because of missed assignments. Mario Haggan took his spot and the rookie was forced to re-evaulate his mistakes from the bench.

“We do have a lot of young guys playing, a lot of rookies playing,” Allen said. “Rookies make mistakes. It doesn’t matter who that rookie may be, first pick in the draft or last pick in the draft, there’s going to be mistakes that are going to be made. They’ve got to learn to play on the NFL level. He’s (Miller) continuing to do that, continuing to learn, and continuing to get better.”

The Broncos’ QB hunters will be very important this week as the team takes on the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are at -7 in the turnover department and they face a starting quarterback in Matt Moore that doesn’t have much starting experience. If the Broncos can initially stop the run, they can turn their focus to pressuring Moore and forcing game changing plays. The Dolphins are just ready to cough up the ball.

The Broncos defense is locked and loaded again. Put Orange Crush on the mantle because Zoom and Doom are ready to be household names.

Memo to all QBs hanging on to the ball for too long: The fire is burning and you’re stuck in a locked room with Miller and Dumervil consuming all the air. What are you going to do?

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